The accessibility of  information is a core necessity in any modern site. If you have a product you will always sell more by providing reliable information in easily seen locations on your website. This goes beyond just having your business hours and phone number present, your website serves as your digital business card and needs to be a reflection of the services you offer in every way possible. So, make sure that your site is functional and has all of your information ready to be presented to your target audience.

Keep your web design up to date!

As great as information is, the ability to access it is just as important. You could have the greatest content on the planet but if it can’t be properly accessed it will not make a difference. Keeping your site modern solves the issues of accessibility. As the leading web development firm in Philadelphia we recommend updating regularly (at least every year). Frequent updates will make sure that any bugs are fixed and your latest information is available to your customers. Don’t forget to create quality content to reach out to your audience, you must also make sure that your great content can be seen without the hassle of trying to navigate an ancient website design. 

What are some common problems with old websites?

A problem that many older sites (especially wordpress sites) see is broken plugins, as your site ages the building blocks can begin to decay or stop working outright. Finding which ones are causing issues can be a very tenuous job, which could break the site further if done incorrectly. You will often see very slow loading times coming from the the outdated coding used to build the website. Web design is a very fast moving field so you will begin to see changes in commonly used methods in as few as 6 months. The most deadly of the common issues is a failure to index on google, this is essentially a death sentence for all of your online business. Having a non-functional website can mean that all the hard work you made towards building your brand online can be gone overnight. 

What should I focus on first when updating my older site?

Making sure your site is indexing should be your primary focus. Oftentimes being de-indexed has to do with your site not being properly optimized for mobile devices. In 2014 the number of mobile devices surfing the web surpassed the number of traditional computers. If you are not mobile friendly you miss out on over 50% of your online business. Worse yet, if you are de-indexed you will lose out on 100% of your online business. Luckily there is an easy way to fix all of these problems, everyone here at Caveni would be happy to help!

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