Email list building has been an internet marketing fundamental since email became mainstream enough to be picked up as an office staple. Using your website as a way to create email lists is a tactic as old as the internet and it has existed for so long because it just works. We expect to see email collection as the an essential part of any good business strategy in 2019 as one of the many faces of digital marketing. We encourage you to take steps to begin collecting emails as soon as possible and make sure you have an executable strategy for using those emails. We have written about email collection in the past and how to marketing using your emails, if there is enough interest we can do an updated version to conform to some of the newer strategies that have come out in the last few years. However, the process of placing and collecting emails through your website is a whole different game that frequently requires a lot of fine tuning to get right. That’s why we have our list designed to give you the advice you need. So, we’d like to give you a few tips to bring your email collection to a whole new level.

Don’t Make Your Email Collection Intrusive

Intrusive list collection is one of the worst things that you could do, even more so when you are just starting to collect emails. Your company will not have the authority to convince people to subscribe to your email list without offering some value. Intrusive methods will just drive away potential customers. You click through rate will suffer as your try more intrusive tactics to collect your emails. We have seen this failure many times. There is a large number of people that has been falsely convinced that intrusive tactics are the best way to get as many email addresses as fast as possible. This is a myth, the more intrusive the lower your open rates, click through rates, and you will suffer in overall sign ups. Convincing individuals to head into that email funnel doesn’t need to be intrusive or manipulative. There are other methods that your company can employ take to make sure that you have a great way to collect those valuable emails without creating severe issues with your user experience.

A number of very aggressive pop ups

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Don’t Spam Pop Ups Everywhere

Pop ups may have worked ten years ago, but they simply no longer provide your website with any benefits. Avoiding pop ups ties in very closely with the idea of not making your email lists intrusive and providing your users with a good experience on your website. The pop up itself is the worst offender when it comes to intrusiveness, it is especially bad because many websites will offer an email list subscription before you have even had the chance to read their content. Pop ups like this show a large increase in bounce rate and a decrease page dwell time (the length of time people stay on your page). Not only are you losing those potential readers, the statistical hit may be affecting your google rankings! Pop ups are a tactic that you should entirely remove from your arsenal, providing convenient subscription boxes inlaid with excellent content is really the only way to go in 2019.

Some nasty popups that are great artwork.

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Offer Value to Your User

Give your customers a reason to give you their email, you wouldn’t give out your phone number for now reason. Years of sales tactics have given us insight to the concept of giving value. You need to offer something to your customers so that they want to engage with you. Spamming pop ups until they leave your website is not the way to get people into your email list. While you may think that your newsletter is valuable, your customers may not see it that way or they haven’t been given enough information to jump on board. The best method for collecting emails that we have seen is a giveaway of value in some form, now this depends heavily on your niche. We have seen a lot of people give away free eBooks or have contests where they give out a free product to people. This way everyone who signs up in now in your emailing list for when you want to send out your newsletters or offer new deals to your customers! If they don’t win, or the like your eBook, they could even become paying customers, so go out there and offer value!

Make it Convenient to Sign Up

Make it easy for them to sign up, make it natural. If you push it into your customers face they will not sign up and may decide they don’t want to keep browsing your website. The best place to put your subscriptions forms is often lower down in the page, or near a place where you talk about whatever you are giving away for free in relation to the actual email collection location. We have found this to be very effective way of collecting email addresses. Another method is to have it in the menu of your web page, a simple reminder that if they like what they see they can always get more information by subscribing to your email list!

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Have a Plan for the List

Don’t go collecting lists for no good reason. A major part of your email collection needs to be done with a purpose. To begin with it can be as simple as wanting to use it to bring more returning visitors back to your website; that’s alright. You will refine your list and change your methods as you start collecting those emails. We have a few recommendations about what to do with that list. Our preferred method is what we call soft selling. You don’t ever want to be directly driving people to buy, you want to be providing informative content and maybe even discounts so they are driven to revisit your website and look at a little bit more of your content. Soft selling will keep your customers engaged without overwhelming them like a lot of businesses do.

A great email subscriber list growth graph.

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Email marketing is still an important part of an all-encompassing digital strategy. We encourage everyone who isn’t currently collecting an email list to get on it and start getting that campaign ready to go. Almost all of the business that we have worked with have expressed the desire to do some sort of email campaign for their business and we fully support that mindset. The commonplace role of email marketing in 2019 means that you need to go above and beyond the average to stand out. Take a few of these tips in stride and start offering loads of value to your customers. They will flock to your email list in no time, and instead of being annoyed by your newsletter, they will be excited for it!

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