Your entire digital strategy hinges on your ability to correctly collect and correlate the data your users give you when they use you site. If you fail to capture this data in a meaningful way your success online will be severely stunted because of it. Luckily, gathering information on your visitors has never been so easy. With Google analytics you can collect all the information you need and act on it. We’ve written about using google analytics as part of a strategy to improve your website conversion rate, we’ve also gone over the importance of analytics when discussing how to utilize user feedback. So today, we are going to give you the ten best google analytics plugin for WordPress:

10. Better Google Analytics

One of the less user friendly options, Better Google Analytics still gets a spot in the top ten because of the modularity of the plugin. It allows you to do everything from inserting Javascript to HTML for your website without needing as much expertise as you normally would. While our list is mostly targeted towards people without coding experience, anyone with a bit of know-how will really enjoy the convenience this plugin adds to your website.

09. Google Analytics Counter Tracker

A very basic plugin but it gets the job done. You have a range of capabilities with Google Analytics Counter Tracker, including the ability to anonymize IP addresses and look at general information about your users. Aside from those the plugin is very simple, so if you just want some basic stats, this is the plugin to go for.

08. WordPress Google Analytics Plugin

]WordPress Google Analytics plugin is a very effective plugin for simple tasks. The reason we love this plugin is the way it lets you export data into easily consumed PDF and spreadsheet reports. It is great if you have a business owner who isn’t up to date on the latest technology. They can be given a very in-depth report on the performance of their website and make changes accordingly. It is a great plugin for anyone new to the analytics world. 

07. Google Analytics+

Google Analytics+ is one of the best lightweight solutions for website owners that don’t need anything excessively complicated. The plugin integrates itself directly into the WordPress dashboard. The major benefits of Google Analytics + is the low impact on that website and the easy to read information it presents in both numerical and graph format. Google Analytics + is our recommendation to anyone who may be new to analytics, as it is a great way to dip your toes into consumer data. 

06. Enhanced Analytics Plugin for eCommerce

Although this plugin may not be the traditional style of Google analytics plugins, Enhanced Analytics for eCommerce is an amazing solutions for the would be eCommerce and dropshipping sites of the world. It provides a convenient place for your conversion tracking and other eCommerce related information to live

05. GA Google Analytics Plugin

A simple yet effective solution for your google analytics needs. GA Google Analytics has everything you would need in a great analytics plugin and is one of the best plugins on the list for privacy protection. You have the ability to anonymize IP addresses as well as prevent the tracking of administrative users as well as website staff. Great way to check user behaviors without getting too intrusive. 

04. Analytify

Analytify is a strong contender as one of the best google analytics plugins, it is a great addition to your website if you are looking for an easy way to view all of your analytics information. Analytify features both a free version and the premium version, the free version has all the features you would need to track simple stats. [/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]With the premium version of Analytify you can easily track more in-depth stats like eCommerce conversions, events,. Social media referral amounts, and many others. They have a variable pricing model depending upon you use it, and some of the plans are on the expensive side. But Analytify is a good choice if you’re willing to allocate the funds

03. WP Google Analytics Events

Event tracking is an essential statistic for anyone looking to A/B test their site and figure out the effectiveness of certain pages versus others. This is why WP Google Analytics Events has such a high place in our list. Anyone aspiring to improve their conversion rates needs to get this plugin asap and see how their users are interacting with their pages. The insight gained from events is always valuable when refining your digital strategy .

02. Monster Insights

]Monster insights is a fantastic plugin and was a real contender for the number one spot. They feature a host of amazing features like on-site statistic and the plugin is as easy to use as our number 1 spot. Monster Insights also features a whole host of tracking methods for eCommerce, file downloads, and ad performance. It also will do a lot of the hard work for creating accelerated mobile pages (AMP) for you, though we’ve personally had some issues with the generation that means we refer to do it by hand. If you’re unable to create your AMP pages by hand, however, this is a great solution. The main reason this plugin doesn’t come in as number one is because at $49 a year, the licensing can be a bit inconvenient and expensive, whereas you can use Google Analytics Dashboard For WordPress entirely free.

01. Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress

The best plugin if you want to install Google analytics. Their dashboard is simple and easy to use even for the most non-technical of individuals. Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress also gives your page insights right there on your website in the WordPress content management system. You can track everything from events, to IP addresses, to affiliate download links. This plugin remains lean while still having many of the bells and whistles of the other plugins, which is why it took the number one spot on our list.


WordPress is still the most utilized website building platform available on the market and we don’t see that changing anytime soon, so we are here to help find a solution for your problems in WordPress. Google analytics is the partner you need to track how your users interact with your website. In this day and age of data driven marketing, your entire strategy needs to be built on the foundation of good information. Google analytics is your solutions to figuring out not only where you audience is coming from, but how they are interacting with your website. So don’t waste any time and get that Google analytics plugin rolling and formulate a need strategy based on how your users are acting. If you have a suggestion or question you would like us to write about next, leave it in the comment section below and maybe you can decide the next blog topic we write about!

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