Whether you’re building a house or a website, having the right tool is the first step in building something great. We have noticed a lot of Media PA web design fails to utilize a pair of incredible Google Webmaster tools that we think are valuable resources for any business. Google analytics and Search console are the bread and butter of the website design world for a good reason. Luckily, your pals here at Caveni are here to help make sure you use the two most powerful Google Webmaster tools on the market. When we say market, we mean that both are totally free to use! Google analytics will help you assess your website traffic and the viability of your current Website setup. While Google Search console is a great way to see at a glance how your SEO (Search engine optimization) is doing. If you’re unsure how your search engine optimization is currently performing, head over to our contact page and request a free audit. Using both these tools in conjunction will allow you to take a step forward and really make waves within your local business landscape. We’ve always been proponents of data driven marketing so we are open to giving our customers the tools that some digital marketing companies would try to hide as their own expertise. But, a lot of these tools are things that a small business who can’t afford the services of an agency need to be successful. We want you to succeed regardless of whether you are paying us a monthly fee. With some optimization and the right tools you will put the Media PA Web Design competition in the dust, so let’s figure out what these tools are and how to get them.

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What is Google Analytics?

Google analytics is an arm of the Google webmaster tools. Specifically it is a short snippet of code that goes in the front of your website to allow Google to collect user data and display it for you in the Google analytics dashboard. The Google analytics dashboard will show you important statistics like the number of users on your website every day, the places they went, and how long they stayed on that page. The data in google analytics is very dense, and may be overwhelming, but google offers a certification to help you better understand how to use their service. Google analytics is incredibly advanced, so you can go into more detail than you ever imagined. But for our purposes, there are only two more statistics that you should be concerned about. The other important information is bounce rate and Google Analytics can also tell you how many sales you’ve made if you set it up properly to track conversions. Don’t worry, setting it up is not as complicated as it may seem at first glance.
Google analytics is the single best tool to find out your website performance. If you want that edge on your Media PA Web Design competition, analytics is the way to get it. All of the optimization steps we take on our client’s websites is done using the Google analytics platform as a way to find potential optimization changes. It allows us to see things like bounce rate, which is how often users visit more than one page on your website. It also allows us to see what is called the, “Behavior flow” of users which is very important in judging how to create a website that makes it easy for people to find your contact information and get in touch with you. Your analytics dashboard is the hub for all of your website changes. We constantly tweak and test our websites using the data we receive from google analytics, the optimization stage of web design is ongoing for any company that wants to be as effective as possible. Make sure that you are checking your analytics data once a day to make sure that you are performing the way you hoped. If there are issues with site performance even after you have optimized it may be time to check out our post on when to get a new website.

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How Do I set up Google Analytics?

Setting it up is very easy, we will walk you through it. The first thing you will need is a Google email account, which you can get by going to Gmail.com. Once you have a google email account you need to go make sure you have a website that you can verify your ownership of. After you’ve done that head over to to the Google Analytics page and get started by following the instructions they lay out for you. This is the section where you may need our help, if your website is built in custom HTML you will need to contact your developer to help you put it in. If you’re using WordPress it is very easy for you to do yourself, you can download a plugin, our recommendations is Google Analytics Dashboard for WP. The GADWP platform is our favorite because it is easy to use and you can get your analytics information right on your website. Now that you have GADWP installed on your website we will show you how to integrate your Google Analytics:

  • First, Navigate to the “Google Analytics” section of your WordPress dashboard and go into the “General Settings” tab.
  • Second, Once there, it will ask you for your key. Click the button that says “Get Authorization.”
  • Third, You will be asked to log into your google account, do so and it will give you a code to input. Input that code and click the “yes” button. There you go, you now have analytics linked to your website, you are ready to dominate the Media PA Web Design scene! Watch the video below for a quick refresher course.


What Is Search Console and Why Do I Need It?

Search console is the Google Webmaster tool to help you track your search engine optimization progress. Search console is extremely important to us, being the leading SEO company in Philadelphia. But, it is also incredibly important for you to be able to track how you page is doing for the simple SEO that you can do yourself on your website. We go over how to Create SEO friendly content and the Basic SEO ranking factors you should know. You should go over and read those blogs after you have set up your search console to know what steps to take to boost your website’s SEO. Search console will give you analytics like impressions and clicks on pages, plus the keywords that they were found for. This is a great way to see where your customers are finding you![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Search console will help you figure out which pages are performing best on Google and why. We noticed a lot of businesses in Media PA Web Design aren’t doing this for their customers. It will displays those clicks and impressions, but having that long term data is great for optimizing down the road. Knowing where you customers is coming from is what separates a struggling company from a thriving one. You can create content tailored to the phrases that would help you most, and make tweaks based on the information you see in search console. There is a lot of advanced SEO that requires you have that data on hand so that you can optimize pages, interlink them, and create a whole new strategy based on what your Google search activity is. Analytics and search console in conjunction give you all the information you need to formulate a great digital marketing strategy , so don’t put this off!

How do I set it up?

It’s very easy, let us walk you through it. There is a reason we made you set up analytics before we dove into search console. You can go to the Google Search console page and set up your search console while you are logged into your Google account. You will get the option to just confirm your ownership of the website using analytics! Congrats, you now have search console and Google analytics connected to your website. You are already two steps ahead of everyone else in Media PA Web Design!

Media PA Web Design Conclusion

Making you the best industry website in Media PA Web Design is our goal and by setting up your analytics platforms you are well on your way to achieving that goal. If you want to learn how to use those tools to Optimize your sales, check out our recent post on Increasing Conversions. If you ever have any questions or concerns, click that button on the side of the blog, we would be happy to help you create the website of your dreams, and then optimize it afterwards! You have the right tools for the job,  just wait until you see how much easier it is to build your website with these tools. We are looking forward to watching you grow! Media PA web design has need of a bit of a shake up when it comes to providing quality to the people.

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