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Wisconsin Website Development

Wisconsin Designers

We have a strong local presence in Wisconsin (WI) and a dedicated support network throughout the entire United States. We design website solutions with our customers and location in mind.

Website Solutions

Our suite of website solutions is customized to meet your specific needs. From simple personal blogs to commercial e-commerce sites, we have many quality designs from which you can choose.

Brand Identity

A brand identity is your first marketing advantage online. We design your website to reflect that brand, ensuring it stands out of the pack, and translating site visitors into sales.

eCommerce Expertise

Your website is your storefront online. A bad design puts off potential customers. Let us build for you one that attracts customers to navigate the site and make a purchase, or better yet, become repeat customers.

Trusted Websites

Whoever visits your website wants to be sure that the information they enter, their credentials are secure and not used for unauthorized purposes. We build safe, secure and trusted websites.

Service Area

We have offices in Wisconsin, but we serve the entire United States and our brand is now global. We therefore have branch offices and trusted agents in every major city in the US

Our Process

What determines the kind of website we design for a customer is his or her communication and marketing goals. We consider a number of factors including location; A web design for Milwaukee can vary significantly from a design for Madison, WI. A customer who wants a personal blog cannot have the same design as the client who wants an e-commerce site. The functionalities and features differ, as do the layout and graphics. In addition, what is your target? Knowing your audience informs the graphics and other key features, such as social media connectivity. In general, we engage you to establish your needs and goals, and we translate those goals into a specific design for you. Nevertheless, regardless of customer preferences, we design our websites to meet three major criteria. The first is that it must be simple to navigate without appearing too basic. Secondly, it must be visually appealing to give visitors a good user experience. This is important for ensuring that first time visitors stay on your website longer, and when they leave, that they return next time. Third, your website must be engaging. Whoever visits it must be enticed to take some action, to make a comment in your website’s chat section, contact you, or preferably make a purchase. Additionally, they should recommend your business to more clients, multiplying your customer reach. In short, we design your website not only to attract traffic, but also to have high conversion rates.

A website that is well designed is just the first step toward building a profitable online presence. Regardless of your website, you are obviously not putting it out there to be invisible. Instead, you want it to stand out of the vast forest of websites in the same niche. Yes, you want your website to get noticed and depending on your goals, you want to see it influence your business sales or enhance your personal brand online. There is only one way to do that, namely digital marketing. Our Wisconsin web development services includes everything you need in a single place. We also help you to grow and expand your business. We employ time tested digital and online marketing strategies. We can also design for you a powerful social media strategy to ensure that you exploit the massive opportunities that social media offers, thereby driving traffic from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, to your website. In addition, depending on your personal interests and/or preferences, and the nature of your business communication and marketing plan, we can also adopt an email marketing strategy to drive traffic to your website, encourage them to heed your calls-to-action, and thereby translate their visits into sales.

We provide a suite of products for clients to choose from, covering basic websites to multi-function websites and plans for both individuals and for firms, etc. There are also custom-packages available for very large scale websites. This is a client specific plan that involves designing websites from scratch to include every feature that the client suggests. The key merit of this package is that it gives a client the chance to dictate every feature of their website. You decide what the website should look like from colors to fonts, layouts to the graphics. Whichever the case, we ensure that the quality of the design is the same for all websites. You get the same impressive layout, the same easy-to-read website, the same social media affinity and the same search engine optimization levels. The only difference is in functionalities and features. To-date, we have designed and served thousands of clients ranging from educational institutions, small business start-up to health facilities. Each client receives their industry specific website, with the required functionalities, such as chat rooms and comment sections, etc. On the occasions that the client does not seem to know exactly what to purchase, our consultants can guide them by getting to understand their industry, company interests and goals. Thereafter, they explain to the client all the available website options from which they can choose, before finally recommending the appropriate one.

Every now and again, you find that your old website is starting to look outdated and needs a fresh look to capture the attention of people in Wisconsin and beyond. It could also be that your business has since expanded, and the website as it is, does not represent your latest business model or ambitions. Many of our clients start with a simple web design in places like Milwaukee WI, then later move on to another city like Kenosha with a new office location. After that they then become statewide or even national companies and require new websites to represent this domination of the Wisconsin market. It could also simply be that your current website is poorly designed. This could be in terms of its layout, the features, the graphics, or even just the choice of font or color. Perhaps these features of your old website turn off whoever visits. So now, you are worried, unsure what to do. Should you pay a professional to develop it afresh? Well, yes you should. A website is the face of your company online and should represent it well. Our Wisconsin web development package involves redesigning and/or maintaining your website. We can take on your old website, and tweak it with new features and new functionalities, including new graphics. Also, if you want, we can give it a new layout that is consistent with your current business goals. You can be sure that the final product will look as fresh and as new. We can also run maintenance on your website to make sure it remains optimized. Then of course, if you need to run your website’s analytics, we can.

We have been developing concepts, and designing websites for the last few decades, helping thousands of our clients across business, public, and private domains in Wisconsin and the United states. We’ve done designs in cities like Wakesha, Green Bay, Milwaukee, Kenosha, Madison, Eau Claire, and Janesville. At the center of our success is a dedicated team of experienced web designers and developers, graphics artists, content developers, and sales executives who have since worked together to offer premium products and services. Each team member has tested expertise in his or her area of specialty and has extensive experience having worked in the same industry for years. Many are from Wisconsin and understand its specific needs when it comes to local Wisconsin web design. We are also passionate about web development, and about helping clients exploit opportunities that a website brings to a business. You can therefore be certain that whatever the task, our team will put the best of its creativity and passion into giving you the product you want and our team can indeed concretize your abstract ideas and turn your fantasy into reality. We provide you with a custom Wisconsin web design, combined with a suite of marketing services to achieve your business goals. Generally, our team of professionals knows and works towards one thing: to build a business relationship that lasts by timely delivering premium level quality work. That explains why our first time customers always return, and why we are highly recommended for Wisconsin web design and national web design.

Hear From Our Clients
Caritas JavasCo-Owner

“We are a family-owned lawn service company. We got a simple but interactive design made for use in our local neighborhood. Brought us in a lot of new business. I am happy with Caveni’s work.”

Max AndersonOwner

“My online store has seen a large increase in sales since I got my e-commerce website redesigned to give it a new look from the old one. They not only did so, but also gave it new functionalities and features like rewards for customers. Good result for us. ”

Jonah AcaviFounder

“Our design was very sleek and everything worked great. If I need to go with someone in the future Caveni would be my first choice. Their work is top notch and they were a pleasure to go back and forth with.”

Arnold WelcksOwner

“They put in the exact features I demanded for, the exact functionalities I asked for and were very attentive to our needs. We had a very high volume of traffic but much of it did not convert. Caveni helped quite a bit with this problem.”

Jane MayfieldDirector

“I needed a personal blog to talk about my travels, and I got one in just two weeks at a very reasonable rate. It is responsive to all devices. I really enjoy the design they created and it completely captures our vibe.”

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