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Local NJ SEO

We are the industry leader in New Jersey SEO. We will help you outrank all of your competitors, whether they are in New Jersey or nationwide.

Technical Audits

Technical SEO is the key to getting ahead of your competition. We will tell you exactly how to rank, in extensive detail with no smoke or mirrors.

Traffic Analytics

Accurate analytics is the key to any great marketing strategy. We will provide you with the best monthly information on your website’s performance.

Earning Links

Being linked to by authoritative websites is the key to ranking higher in Google. Our NJ SEO professionals will earn high quality links for you organically.

Expert Consultations

Our seasoned team of experts will consult with and help you as you craft a new business strategy for your foray into the NJ search engine optimization world.

AI-Powered Marketing

Our team uses powerful artificial intelligence to work for you. We utilize cutting edge technology to decide the best course of action for your marketing.

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Local New Jersey SEO Information

Everyone wants that coveted first position in Google Maps and Local Listings. With that in mind, the primary goal of our NJ SEO campaign is to help you rank higher in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Ranking higher in Google results almost always increases the amount of people coming to your website. Even better, ranking in the top three positions will almost always guaranteed a strong percentage of the overall monthly traffic for any keywords in your niche. For example, generally the first organic result in Google gets around 33% of a keyword’s traffic (SearchEngineWatch.com). We’ve been NJ SEOs for long enough to know all the best tricks of the trade. All of our measurements are specifically designed to help you capture the most traffic from your local keywords and beyond. Your website will never be as popular as it is during a Caveni-backed SEO campaign. Get started today and see your results before you know it, we’re ready to help!

It will always take time to rank well in Google. We’ve had a lot of clients come to us after getting burned by a lone contractor that promised them quick results that seemed too good to be true. The were too good to be true. In order to combat this, we develop a long term strategy for you with real, actionable analytics information so you will never be left wondering exactly what you’re paying us to do. We believe in a transparent process through every part of the SEO journey. We will be upfront with you no matter what, there is no point in over-promising and under-delivering. We are committed to the utmost transparency on both time frame and real cost to rank. You will get accurate time frames for everything we help with. Don’t get burned by scammers just looking to make a quick dollar. 

We are the industry leader in Google My Business SEO and we’ve been doing SEO in New Jersey for a number of years with some great results. Your local rankings are heavily tied to the quality of your Google my Business (GMB). When it comes to knowing what to do for your local rankings, you will not find a firm that is more knowledgeable. Ignoring local is a mistake when almost 82% of mobile searches use a “near me” modifier (SearchEngineLand.com) Local rankings are the place where most businesses end up finding the majority of their new customers. Local results can become neglected and without proper understanding it is easy to lose out on a lot of very high quality customers. As people become more active digitally, local results are more and more what decides whether your business continues to grow or not. Get on the phone with us today and we can tell you how we would help you rank better locally!

The cost for the best SEO in NJ is not nearly as much as you think. It will vary greatly depending on what your needs are, but our lowest package starts at only $499.00 a month. We have solutions for every business, of any size, at a price that won’t break the bank. But, if you’re in a fast moving or more competitive industry we have a number of SEO packages that will work for you as well. For the most part, your price is determined by your business goals. We always encourage you to start off small and let us show you the ROI from our NJ search engine optimization services. Many of our clients start off spending the minimum but slowly scale up as they see results. We don’t expect you to jump in feet first and you don’t have to with Caveni. We lay out everything we can do in our brief strategy sessions; let us help you!

Reliable monthly SEO reporting is an absolute must in this industry. We combine powerful search engine optimization tools with our own proprietary software to bring you relevant information that is both elegant and easy to understand. We know that it isn’t your job to be an SEO expert so we make everything we do easily digestible to help show exactly what value your company is receiving from our efforts. Effortless transparency is the name of the game in our service. We treat monthly SEO much the same way you would treat any other advertisement campaign. You should be able to see the direct ROI with a number of other performance indicators along the way. Our campaign is focused on the numbers and we think that you should have the chance to see the results for yourself. You can see what we do for yourself and we wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

What Others Are Saying
Tanya NunezFounder

“A real NJ SEO expert. Saw results without any work needed to be done on my end. I really love working with Caveni and their search guys are always so polite when they give me my monthly report. I am not really an internet person so it is so helpful that they make it easy for me.”

Philip GustafsonVice President

“I am happy with the service I received from Caveni Digital Solutions. I used them both for website design and for SEO services in NJ. The SEO results were what I found most impressive. They managed to take my website from around position thirty to the top of search results.”

John StricklinFounder

“It’s hard to find a digital marketing company that walks the walk and talks the talk. Caveni manages to do it. I was so impressed during our phone call that I switched over all my marketing to them, very happy so far with the results. ”

Conrad VaughteCommerce

“I found Caveni through Raffi Jafari, he had helped me previously with my eCommerce website and when I needed more robust marketing services he was there to help with SEO. I have to say they really do fantastic work, Caveni is a 10/10 in my book. ”

Karen WongCTO

“Caveni is a very professional organization that has treated me with an immense amount of respect throughout our business relationship. We were extremely impressed with their results and will continue to use them well into 2020 and beyond for the foreseeable future. ”

Chris FonsecaManaging Director

“I’m a roofer so I relied on third party sites for all of my leads. Thanks to Caveni I have brand new customers coming in from just Google. It is a breath of fresh air to not be reliant on other people for my customers. Thanks a lot guys, appreciate your hard work. ”

John McKeeCEO

“I’ve been skeptical of internet marketing for a long time. I wasn’t even really sure what search engine optimization was when I started. But now it makes up a lot of my new customers that come in everyday. I’m glad I changed my mind about Google. ”

Lori O’BrienCEO

“Google has been paying for my new house thanks to Caveni. They fixed up my old site and made it make way more money. Very sad I didn’t start doing SEO with them beforehand, really missed out on a lot of new customers. I like what they’ve done. ”

David ByrdCEO

“I had the chance to speak with Mr. Kehoe for a long time before they started my SEO. I was very impressed with how much he knew and care about helping local businesses. They seem like really great guys and they’ve helped my company a whole lot. ”

Arthur WilliamsMarketing Director

“I’ve been burned a few times by people promising me everything but they never end up delivering. Glad I found Caveni. The reporting style they do was really helpful for me to figure out how my SEO was working over time. A local NJ SEO agency I can trust. ”

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