Search engine optimization is a relatively new concept, so we have noticed a lot of people don’t quite understand how it works. There have always been a lot of common SEO misconceptions and there has never been more than now in 2019. Not only do many people have little knowledge of SEO, there are a lot of so called “gurus” out there peddling information that isn’t all that accurate. There are more misconceptions floating around about SEO than we can count. So we want to tackle a few of the largest ones we see pretty often. There are still probably hundreds we won’t cover, but if you have any specific question about any SEO misconceptions, we would love to clear them up for you! Just comment on this post or send us a message on our contact form, we would love to hear from you. When it comes to the most common responses we hear about SEO, let’s jump into the 4 most common: 

Unrealistic Goals

If you have a website that has only existed for a few days and you want to get to the first rank for “Roofing Company” by next week… Well, that will never happen no matter what your friends over at Fiver say. Everyone’s goal is to be the first result on Google, but the simple fact is that most people lack the budget to actually get there. Overzealous requirements are one of the most common SEO misconceptions. Don’t let this discourage you, there are a lot of ways to rank for keywords and receive traffic without ranking for a huge keyword in your niche. As your authority builds up over time you can target more and more competitive keywords while you grow. We do this by going after what are called long tail keywords, these are phrases that are very specific but get less search volume then their more general counterparts. So look at your goals a whole different way and focus on metrics like website visitors and conversions instead of your location in the search results. You need to consider the amount of time it will take to rank in your area, the more competition, the harder it will be to rank. So many people are obsessed with instant results but those will only be accomplished in the very short term with spammy tactics and once google realizes what you are doing your website will be heavily penalized. Have realistic goals, your business will do much better and your wallet will be heavier!

Page Spot Guarantees

Anyone who guarantees you a specific spot on search rankings is kidding themselves. There is no truly accurate way to predict where you will end up even after optimization. The page spot guarantee is a relic of the spammers of a decade ago that would get you to a rank and them dump you after running away with your money. You simply cannot predict page spot with one hundred percent accuracy unless you are doing something that is against Google’s terms of service, which is more likely to get you banned. We can often estimate page spots based on metrics like how authoritative a domain is, but even that is not an exact science. Google has over 200+ factors that play into where you end up in the search results and their algorithm is always improving. If an SEO company guarantees you an exact spot in the rankings, consider working with someone else!

One and Done SEO

SEO is not something you can do once and never do again; it is a continuing process! Being competitive in SEO means spending money every month to maintain and improve your ranking in search engines. If your website gets too stagnant without constant upkeep, content, and social engagement you will end up slowly losing your ranking in search results. One of the common SEO misconceptions is that you can do SEO once and be done. Constant monthly updates are a huge part of keeping your website fresh for search engines. The most common way to keep your content fresh is through blog posts. Maintaining the top rank in competitive keywords takes a lot of work in maintenance, so be ready to work with someone for the long haul. Don’t just assume you can rest on your laurels once the up front work is complete. Luckily, if you are ranking well the extra income from that search traffic will be paying your monthly SEO cost no problem!

Content Marketing and SEO Have to Be Different

A lot of SEOs get uppity when you tell them content marketing and SEO are inherently linked. But Google seems to think they are, so let’s get off that high horse for a minute and explore why. Content has become an essential part of creating a website that is the best possible experience for your users. Google has a cited purpose of providing the best user experience possible, if your site is built off of nothing but optimization, you are missing the point. Deep and informative content is good for your user, so search engines will always prioritize it. If you need some help writing SEO content you can check out or post written for Cherry Hill SEO. Content Marketing and SEO are now entirely linked, don’t skimp out on your content, use it to improve your SEO!

Common SEO Misconceptions Conclusion

The search engine optimization community is riddled with these Common SEO Misconceptions. Spreading improper information is a real problem in the SEO community and we’ve been working since day one to shed some light on the more egregious offenders. Avoiding these common misconceptions will help your website do great in the search engine results. We want to see you taking on the misinformation head on. Base all of your SEO on data analytics and proven methods if you want to see the best results for your website. Hopefully we have made an impact with our continuing education campaign here at Caveni! Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask us any questions you might have and avoid those Common SEO Misconceptions.

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