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Your logo. It’s a daunting prospect to create or re-design a logo and many of our clients of Philadelphia have had a lot of the same problems. There is the perception that so much utterly hinges on the fact that your logo is perfection. Why are you so stressed about it? Because all of that is true. Your logo is the essential jumping off point for your brand. Everything that your company represents can be defined and associated through the overarching brand which will come entirely from that logo design. Make it good. Make it count. Creating the logo is a huge step, it needs to represent your brand well. Be willing to spend the money it takes to find a good designer that you trust to create your vision. We couldn’t tell you the amount of horror stories we hear from clients who paid too much for someone that simply could not create what they wanted. Don’t expect to spend $5 on a logo that you can use for the rest of your life, you get what you pay for.

How do I make sure my logo represents my brand?

Getting your logo to match up with the vision you have for your company can be both incredibly hard and incredibly easy. Take the Caveni logo for example. We could easily decide to make it a “C’ because that just makes sense. But then, we came to the new problem of; how do we make a C interesting enough to be our logo? It’s a daunting question. This is often the stage where many people just give up on the logo design process. It is important that you stay involved here, so that the future of the business is shaped by your own ideas. A logo that you’ve dreamt of will always be better than a logo design you settled for. Here is what we did…

How do I make the colors work?

How do we add depth to our initial “C” choice for the design? Color. That’s right, once you have an idea for what sort of logo shape/content you would like the next step is to find out which colors would best represent your brand. We already had a good idea on colors we wanted to use, and so we incorporated those with our famous gradient design that you can see everywhere on our website. Choosing yours may take some more time, but it all comes down to what you feel would look best in your niche. Landscapers might find an obvious choice in their logo design being green based. People looking for their logo design to reflect Philadelphia may look for the classic colors of the city. Just remember to make sure you pick colors that you will be happy to apply to much of your branded marketing material. 

How do we make it ‘pop’?

Being unique is a necessity in the modern marketplace where the best companies are the ones that we couldn’t forget if we tried. Why does such a simple design like apple’s logo work so well? Depth. Our next step is to add depth to our concept, something that makes a simple “C” into a spinning wheel of color that will look great in our animations. The depth in your own logo is something that will come from the skills of your artist. If you’re concerned, give us a call, we can help. But, if you know they can handle it… see what they manage. A few simple tricks that can make a logo stand out are things like making it asymmetrical, adding in geometric shapes, or animating it. We advise our clients to be unique, but stay away from gimmicks that only look good because of the gimmick. If your logo looks great while animated, just make sure it always looks good when static!

I don’t like it, what do I do now?

We’ve all been there, it isn’t the end of the world. Most businesses worth their salt will help you go through some more options when it comes to choosing your logo and you should expect to have to refine it a few times before it comes out perfectly. Not every option you look at will end up being a masterpiece. Don’t be afraid to go over each design and figure out what you like and what needs to be changed. By taking the steps towards figuring out what you don’t want you may very well get closer to the design that is sitting deep in the corners of your brilliant mind waiting to be unleashed. The revision process of the logo design is frequently the longest portion, it is also the most grating. Keep your head in the game and make sure you can visualize clearly placing your logo on all the best marketing material your company has to offer. 

I have a logo, what do I do with it?

It may seem simple, but this is the most common mistake we see companies making. The way you use your logo is as important as having one. So to help you out your friends here at Caveni have a few quick tips to put that logo in the right place and make sure it compliments your marketing material instead of ruining it. Be careful of falling into the pitfall of putting it everywhere though. If you’re just building out your brand you can’t take your strategy from someone like Nike who puts 4 instances of their logo on everything they create. Most of the time just one will do fine. Let your customers know what you created, don’t smother them in it.

Your first step is to make sure you have “stuff” to put your logo on. If you are creating fantastic marketing material and putting it out for the world to see, make sure your logo is there. An essential part of your brand strategy is getting that logo design out there and into the mind of your customers. There is a reason that you can go out and ask anyone to identify the McDonalds logo. That is just called effective branding. But you don’t need to spend millions of dollars a year on commercials to have your logo associated with your brand. You do it by using it effectively in your marketing material. It’s a core tenet of our digital marketing strategy. 

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