Hw can they create SEO friendly content on their own without having to spend money? Now, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is the fundamentals of how your website ranks on search engines like Google. Ranking higher on Google is a fundamental part of any business strategy these days. Google searches accounted for over 30% of all business to business transactions in 2017 and have only grown since. Think about that, 30% of all transactions went through Google at some stage. Can you afford to avoid optimizing your website for search engines? Can you afford to lose out on nearly 30% of your business? I certainly can’t, and luckily I’m here to give you 3 simple tips to help create content that will help to boost your search engine rankings for free. These tips maybe be specifically for our friends who want help with Cherry Hill NJ SEO, but they will help any business regardless of location! The guys who were looking for Cherry Hill NJ SEO just happened to have asked a great question we want to share with you! Content creation and social media are the best tools in any company’s arsenal, we’ve written about social media marketing before, so we will focus on content. You can write about your business for free as often as you have time to sit in front of a computer to write it. You will never be penalized for creating too much content…. Hopefully we have established the importance of creating quality content, let’s get into how you can do it!

Do Your Keyword Research Frequently

ou may be asking, what is keyword research? The way google ranks you is based on certain keywords. Let’s take a landscaper for example, a landscaper like our friend Jason Creel, will be ranking based on keywords like “Lawn care in Alabama.” While this article might be ranking for something like, “Cherry Hill NJ SEO.” Finding what keywords will help you ranks is very easy, you can google a specific service that your customers are looking for and take a look at the related searches suggested by Google. Related search results on Google is the most user-friendly way to look up search terms. You should have a good idea about what people are Googling when they find your business, find terms related to those phrases. Of course, there are tools out there dedicated to keyword research, if you want a few suggestions here are some of our favorites:https://www.google.com/trends/correlate

“]You want to look for at least five keywords (per page) that you think your customers are most likely to look up when searching for your service. Now, these five keywords will become the cornerstone of what we create our content in relation to; we will start to drive far more sales through this Cherry Hill NJ SEO and content writing strategy. The key here is to pick keywords that are not too competitive for you to get traffic from right away. There is no shame for going for longer keywords; For instance jumping back to lawn care, “Lawn Care” may be very high competition, “Lawn Care Asheville North Carolina” might be a more attainable version. Know when to pick a fight, if you are having trouble figuring out how competitive a keyword is you head over to our contact form and ask us for some help or check out the suggestions we made above! Both of these keywords we mentioned have been the target of websites we have built in the past. This article is about SEO but if you’d like more information on lawn care websites or our projects like the ones we mentioned before, all of that information is available on Caveni.com.

Second Tip: Write Dense Content for Cherry Hill NJ SEO

Don’t forget to keep up with your blogs even as you start to get more business, your SEO is a continuing process that requires at least monthly maintenance, but we encourage you to post bi-weekly for the best results! Beyond the frequency of your posting, the content density is even more important. You should be writing around one or two thousand words, though anything above 500 will get the job done in a pinch. The primary reason for this requirement in word length stems from the Google algorithm; Google (and other search engines like Yahoo and Bing) prioritize content that is dense in word count, unique in content, and that users appear to prefer. Having dense content is important, but don’t forget to keep your content relevant to your customers, someone looking for information about the doorknob business doesn’t want to hear about indie RPG video games. Answer questions your customers actually have, or answer questions they didn’t even know they needed answered. Finding topics that are relevant is as simple as looking at what sort of work your company does the most. You can also use a tool like Google search console to see what keywords you are already ranking for. If you can solve their problem in a few sentences, that is great. But, to increase your content depth from a very simple explanation there is an easy method; explain your process as in-depth as possible. Describe how you get from point A to point B and why that is important to them as a customer. Much like what we are doing here for our friends asking about SEO in Cherry Hill NJ. Explain to your customers the “why” as well as the “what” of their specific problem. Another great example of this can be found in our recent article about the new Reddit CPC platform. We describe the new platform with all its bells and whistles in case our clients want to advertise there, but are unsure of the quality of the service or how it works. It is surprisingly simple, explanations will do great things for your ranking and for your content. Explanations will also drive more customers into your sales funnel because it shows that you are a qualified expert in your field. A qualified expert will always produce high quality, dense content, with a good explanation of their reasoning.The final stage of writing dense content is to keep it unique, the urge to plagiarize is always there; don’t do it! If Google finds duplicate content, even from your own website, you will be penalized! Google has two actions they will take on duplicate content, the first action is to filter it from there system so that there are no benefits gained by having it; the second action Google will take is to penalize you in the search rankings. Being penalized in your rankings will mean you move from your current position to a lower one, or you may even be entirely removed from the Google index. You can check whether you are currently indexed by Google here.

Third Tip: Create Content Insightful Enough to Share!

Social media has only underlined the point that marketing companies have been trying to make since their inception; make content people are willing to share. In Cherry Hill NJ SEO this is just as important. We have all seen the value of virility in the marketing age, someone like Kim Kardashian has been able to exploit shareability to the highest extent, making millions just by postings on social media. While your business is a totally different beast, the concept of shareability remains the same. Create content that is interesting or unique enough to drive people to show their friends or colleagues. Solve a common problem, make an interesting point, use a unique writing style. Any method that you can find to make your content stand out will massively benefit you and your business online. An added bonus is that if you create something really great, you can expect a massive influx of business from that one really great post. Don’t let all that latent knowledge and talent go to waste!

We understand that just saying, “create shareable content” is a little vague. You are the expert in your niche, so you are the only person that will have the insight needed to make something that really helps the people that might need your services. Your expertise is what you want to leverage into information for your target customer, they almost always thank you for it by purchasing your services. A huge mistake we see very often is someone being afraid to share their methods and techniques. Don’t be afraid to put your knowledge out there, your average person will see it and want you to provide the service for them, they don’t want to do it themselves.

Provided by www.visualcapitalist.comConclusion

Content creation is the backbone of any business strategy. Get your SEO content started today, you can’t wait another minute to begin. No matter what you do, creating content shoukd be part of your overall plan to draw in more sales to your company. Our friends looking for Cherry Hill NJ SEO will need to create content relevant to their area and you should too. In the digital age, the ability to spread your content like wildfire has only expanded the importance of creating high quality content. You may have thought or been told that there are no benefits to your business if you create loads of content, but it is totally and utterly important. Sit down at that computer and start creating, whether you write it all in one day or over several weeks, create as much content as you possibly can. Don’t skip out on your content creation, make it a priority for your business! Especially if you’re looking for Cherry Hill NJ SEO.

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