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We are more than developers; we are champions of your brand's development and dedicated architects of your digital strategy. Trust Caveni Digital Solutions to be your steadfast ally in navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape and propelling your brand to unprecedented heights.


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Web Design

Crafting visually stunning websites that captivate and elevate your online presence.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Driving digital success through strategic campaigns and targeted engagement.

App Development

App Development

Innovative app solutions that seamlessly blend functionality and user experience.

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Defining unique brand narratives for captivating users and building your brand.

Content Creation

Content Creation

Compelling custom content that engages, informs, and leaves a lasting impression.

Bussiness Consulting

Business Consulting

Guiding businesses with  custom-tailored strategies for growth and efficiency.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve looked at the options when it comes to website design companies in the United States and have set out to create the best designs for all of our clients. We work incredibly hard for you and elevate your business above the competition. Caveni handles all of your marketing from start to finish with special consideration for the amazing design of your website. We love the variety of website projects out there and our team is skilled in everything from WordPress to complicated custom web-based infrastructures. We are capable of helping locally or all over the world! Our extensive experience in all kinds of development gives us the versatility needed to undertake truly ambitious projects. If you have struggled to find a company that can get you the website results you need, then Caveni Digital Solutions is the agency you need. We will work within whatever framework you need to capture your creative vision. Our expertise extends to both web and mobile applications as well. We are able to create and integrate applications in a variety of circumstances. We specialize in web-based applications that are normally included as part of our website design service. However, we can work on mobile applications if the need arises. So if you’ve been trying to find someone to pitch that great app idea to, look no further!
A creative agency is a marketing-based design firm that will often handle everything from digital design, content creation, branding, digital marketing, advertisement services, video creation, and web design. A creative agency can feature one or all of these services depending on the company. When most people hear creative agency they picture a company that is based more in design than data. At Caveni, we combine the creative and analytical sides of the marketing process. Our focus on both of the essential aspects of marketing means that we will help you with everything. The design side is normally first and includes things like branding and websites. We also cover that developmental and technical side of the marketing spectrum. That means we work on everything from advanced database infrastructure to conversion rate optimization. In our vocabulary, creative agency goes hand in hand with digital marketing agency and web design company. We support every aspect of marketing in the digital world, you can see a full complement of our services in the “services” section on our website. But, we can run you through some of the more creative aspects that we work with most. Web design is such a huge part of digital strategy that it is nearly 90% of our overall creative work. All portions of our Philadelphia based web design play a role in the data driven side of sales. Our conversion rate optimization services are some of the best in the world as our experience in eCommerce is far more extensive than most other website design companies. We start by capturing new traffic and end with getting those users to fall in love with your product. We would love to discuss how we can make your users work harder for you!
Branding is the foundation on which any business is built. Many older companies are finding that they suddenly need to completely rebrand themselves since the older style of their marketing material no longer cuts it in the ever evolving digital world. We take that older style and transform it into something that clicks with modern design trends. We are experts in bringing an older brand into the present. Alternatively, Caveni Digital Solutions would love to help you create a completely new branding that will amaze your customers. It is undeniable that the power of branding is massive in the digital age. You can sit down in a group of 20 people anywhere and they will be able to identify the branding of some of the largest corporations in the world. If you’re striving to achieve international brand recognition, we can help. Additionally, as an aspect of our branding services we help with reputation management. Brand strategy and branding in general requires the growth of a steady customer base but also requires you to maintain those customers over time. We can make sure your customer base is getting the best experience possible while they are engaging with your digital presence. We step into your shoes to help make sure your favorite customers are leaving reviews and your other users can safely explain what could be improved in your sales process to keep them coming back. A focus on your reputation, branding, and users in a unified process is what separates us from other agencies. We will optimize your website to help your users find the buy button as soon as possible!
A web designer will take your website and turn it into something that creates more sales and performs better in search engines. Web designers are a type of digital designer that works on websites instead of exclusively on things like illustrations. A web designer is very closely related to a web developer and they will normally share a significant skill overlap. But, we will handle both the design and the development of your website. Design will generally entail the more visual parts of your site; the colors of your company, the layout of the page, and the way it scrolls are all examples of aspects which are covered under the umbrella of web design. Website development on the other hand is very closely related, but slightly more technical. Development in this sense means we create digital solutions to your digital problems. If for example, you end up building a custom website with us, the actual development will be the building out the webpages in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and many other coding languages depending on your specific needs. However, most of our clients prefer to use a content management system (CMS) like WordPress. This allows them the freedom to make more edits once the project has actually been completed and is fully in their possession. In the case a CMS is used as a base, the development work is reduced and mostly involves adding onto an already existing framework or tweaking it to do something specific that suits your needs. Our US-based web design team will walk you through each stage of the process to ensure you have the best experience possible.
It very much depends on the project! Some simple or local websites can be finished in about a week. Physical meetings in our Philadelphia headquarters or satellite offices often speed up the process. However, we’ve had some very large projects that can stretch across multiple years. Really the only way to know how long a project will take it so ask directly. For the most part, the average small business website will take anywhere from one and a half weeks to a few months. Our projects are broken down into a few different sections to help you better understand our roadmap. The first part of our process is the design phase. At the beginning we will speak with your company about what you were hoping to achieve with your website. This includes us looking at examples of what you like, what you don’t like, and other statistics like traffic or sales. Once we have a good idea of how our design can help, we go about showing you examples of what we think would work best for you and your company. The design phase is entirely dependent on how fast we can decide as a collective on the best course of action and really will mostly depend on you as the customer! The next stage is where we actually build your vision. This stage is almost entirely handled on our end, with some updates for you on what we’re doing. We give you the chance to look at our progress and offer your own perspective as we continue into the development cycle. Once your development is done and the actual framework has been completed; we will begin the simple additions and tweaks that make your website unique. We use open-source stock photos in our design but will add your own photographs as we continue. We also will provide stock content in most cases to help with your own process if you want to make significant changes. However, in our full-service SEO packages we will handle all of your content entirely!
Yes! User interfaces and user experience are major considerations in all website design. Since 2016 Google has decided that mobile devices are far more important for search results then desktops. That means that every web page’s UX/UI needs to be designed with mobile users in mind. Beyond just the mobile element the user experience and user interfaces of a website play a crucial role in the number of sales a business makes digitally. Statistically, certain types of pages will work better than others and the placement of CTAs, quote systems, and other elements need to be positioned and tested to find the best possible outcome for your user experience. All of our website designs are done with this in mind and our recurring clients are all given the benefit of our ever-updating knowledge on the best ways to drive sales on their websites. We offer a number of other services like application (both mobile and web) creation. Our mobile/web application development projects tend to have a much broader focus on UI/UX. The massive number of mobile applications on the market requires any company to be unique with the user experience. So, the role of the user is even more important in app design. Our design team features a number of UX experts that can go into more detail. If you require these services we encourage you to head over to our contact page. We can help!
We will! In almost every case we improve both our client’s website speed and performance. There are some cases where speed may need to be sacrificed for another metric, but in every example we do what is best to help your website generate more sales. Page speed can be complicated. Technically speaking, the best page speed is achieved from an entirely blank page on a very fast hosting service. Now obviously a blank page will not result in any customers buying your product, so there is a careful balance of adding features, elements, and images to a page to entice potential buyers into becoming customers. Finding that balance is a key skill in conversion optimization and in the designing of a good business website.
The short answer is yes, a better website will almost always result in more sales. However, there are a large amount of factors that can affect how much a website makes outside of just the design. If no one is finding your website at all, than changing the website may not increase your revenue by much. Though, in many cases a redesign is enough to have your website shown to more people in search results. However, in our experience the people who most benefit from our digital solutions are companies who already have an existing customer base but are losing out on new customers because of a poorly designed or poorly optimized website. In terms of increasing sales, one of the most significant factors in making a website generate higher profits is whether it functions properly on mobile devices. Mobile first web design philosophy is a core belief of ours here at Caveni; and that belief is 100% backed up by our own data and the data of many other organizations all across the world wide web. A small change like fixing the mobile version of a website is often enough on its own to increase the money coming in from prospective clients. Better local integration is a major plus in our experience and local integration is included as part of all of our projects. Don’t let your website languish without mobile optimization, fix it today!
AI-powered marketing in web design means that many of the processes by which a website is designed are either powered or support by an artificial intelligence. This can mean that word count and content are suggested via AI tools or conversion rates are determined by AI parsing large data sets. Caveni is well-known for utilizing artificial intelligence in our marketing and web design. We are one of the few web design companies embracing the emerging technology. While it may sound very complicated, the reality is much simpler than you would expect. We are masters of robotic process automation (RPA) using AI and neural net based technologies. Our entire office is actually run by a pretty simple AI! Her name is CARLA; the Caveni Artificial Robotic Learning Algorithm and she does everything from suggest replies for emails to doing almost all of the clerical tasks that come with having to operate our digital agency. Additionally, our AI is very useful when it comes to SEO, much of the process involved in search engine optimization requires a lot of work done to look at averages, word counts, and other technical factors on a page. Many of our larger clients will see the direct benefits of our automation expertise in their website. But, you don’t need to be a large company to benefit. We do hundreds of daily analysis passes to get statistics for your business and to identify general best practices for websites. We continually split test and parse huge amounts of data to find the most powerful digital solutions for our clients. Every single one of our customers gets the benefit of that knowledge!
Having global experience we know there are some differences in web design, advertising, and marketing in general that come up when trying to find new customers in different locations. While it is not actually unique in terms of any special tasks that need to be done, the targeting of any website needs to be local until they are ready to scale up to a national audience. There are enough customers in a city to fulfill the needs of most small businesses. Since the customers are there, we try to build a website more focused on your specific region; once you're the leader in your area we have the specialized expertise needed to scale your company to a national powerhouse. Now that 2021 has rolled around, the focus on local SEO has never been more important. We’ve been watching the trend coming for a long time, websites which are highly targeted locally will perform very well in capturing new traffic. With that in mind, our small business clients benefit from a laser-targeted focus on local markets with a eye toward future scaling.

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